New York – #11 – Visiting the library

New York - #11 – Visiting the library

New York - #11 – Visiting the libraryI was finally able to visit the library today. Finally! I know to many it isn’t a big deal, but I haven’t been to the NYC Public Library in years. During my childhood this was the place I frequented the most. I was happy to see that some renovations were done on the floors. I wasn’t able to go to the other floors but the first floor looked bigger and yet everything was still in the same place. As usual, I took out new library cards just in case I had time to take out a book or two why being in the city.  I also took some brochures and flyers with important information on the library and it’s activities.

I loved how the library cards were designed and the lion looked great as always. I saw that on the wall they had a green bag with the library’s logo  for sale. It said $1 and I really didn’t believe it at first. So before we left, I asked the librarian if the bag was for sale and she said “Yes. It’s $1”. So of course I had to have it. I’ll definitely use it in Puerto Rico since I’m not a fan of purses, but I need one because of my medium wallet and gigantic cellphone. The great thing about the bag is that it’s a nice shade of green and it’s pretty strong.

At least I have something of the library to take back home with me. Also my Fangirl book looked great next to it. I wonder if I can order another one on the website. I think my sister would like one as well.

New York - #11 – Visiting the library

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