New York – #14 – American Museum of Natural History

20140815_134051On our way to see my uncle and aunt, my dad decided to swing by the Museum of Natural History. I remember going there as a kid on one of many school field trips. It’s still as awesome as ever. Well, that is if you like history. That day the museum was filled with students from different summer camps I presume. There were also many families with children eager to touch and see more about dinosaurs. I can’t blame them. Being able to see the dinosaur bones up close and personal again was awesome as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time nor money to go in and see an exhibition, but if I’m able to come back to the city, I’ll definitely check out the museum again.

If you want to know more about the museum check out their website. I think it would be something nice to do for the summer as a family.


© 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

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