New York – #19 – Hello Big Bird!

New York - #19 - Hello Big Bird!After visiting Korea Town, my dad thought it would be nice to walk through Central Park to get home. My dad loves to walk…

So on our way through the park, I spotted a very old friend sitting on a rock. It was Big Bird! He seemed tired sitting in the sun with his balloons. Little did I know that he actually had Cookie Monster in that box on his lap, and every time someone would come near him and say hello, Cookie Monster would pop out to great them. It was cute to see the children come up to him and say hello. I no longer see Sesame Street, but I can say it was one of the best things of my childhood. I bet my friend’s kids would love to come and say hi to him.

It was a pretty long walk, but I’m glad the weather was nice enough to walk in. Central Park has  always been a great place to take pictures in.

New York - #19 - Hello Big Bird!

© 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

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