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Today my dad decided we should go check out the World Trade Center. I was okay with the idea since I haven’t been there since the summer of 2001. So we got on a bus and decided to go. At least the ride there was comfortable, since the bus was empty, and the bus driver was very nice by telling us where we had to get off and which bus to take next. It took two bus rides to get there and a very short walk, but we managed to arrive at the

Hogwarts has come to New York! I wish. This building right here is a school near my grandma’s apartment which was once closed down because of the death of a student. At least that’s what I was told as a kid every time I would ask why the school had closed back then. Don’t take my word for it. At least it’s being re-opened and remodeled as a school of arts. I really love the structure of this school next door, and I could not resist taking a picture of

After visiting Korea Town, my dad thought it would be nice to walk through Central Park to get home. My dad loves to walk… So on our way through the park, I spotted a very old friend sitting on a rock. It was Big Bird! He seemed tired sitting in the sun with his balloons. Little did I know that he actually had Cookie Monster in that box on his lap, and every time someone would come near him and say hello, Cookie Monster would pop out to great them. It was

I went to the post office today to mail my postcards to my friends in Puerto Rico. I only needed to buy some stamps so when I got to the post office I asked for some. While waiting for them, I saw on the wall that they were selling a booklet with Harry Potter stamps. And yes, I freaked out! The lady at the desk gave me the booklet to see, and I fell in love with the quality of the stamps. It had all the main characters of the series

Last Monday was one of those rare days when I only wanted to eat pizza for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate pizza. I’ve just gotten a little tired of eating it. Last month my siblings and I brought too much pizza. So my dad and I walked to Little Caesars Pizza in E 106th on Third Ave and ordered some pizza. It was cheap actually. I think I paid about $7. Pizza for dinner. Bon appétit! © 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

On our way to see my uncle and aunt, my dad decided to swing by the Museum of Natural History. I remember going there as a kid on one of many school field trips. It’s still as awesome as ever. Well, that is if you like history. That day the museum was filled with students from different summer camps I presume. There were also many families with children eager to touch and see more about dinosaurs. I can’t blame them. Being able to see the dinosaur bones up close and personal

In New York there are small playgrounds in between some buildings. This one right here is familiar to me because I use to practice karate in it when I was a kid. My mom use to go visit my uncle, and if we had some time to spare, she would let me play and/or practice whatever I need to for karate class. I wish I would have continued to learn karate after we left New York, but maybe I can in the future. It’s good to see that this monkey-bar is still here. Brings

One our way to visit my aunt and uncle, my dad and I decided to stop and eat a McDonalds on Broadway. This McDonalds looked really cool on the inside. I liked the design which focused more on emphasizing all the “new” technology they had incorporated. One thing I liked was the big soda machine with a variety of sodas. It also had water and ice tea for those who need to stay away from soda. It was nice but I was glad they had a section with tables outside. The weather was nice

Before leaving New York, I swore to go to Korea Town and visit the store in which Kpop merchandise could be purchased. I looked for the store’s location online and decided to go there today with my dad. We got on a train and in less than 20 minutes were in Korea Town. The store I was looking for is called Koryo Books and it’s merchandise range from Kpop to Korean literature. I walked down the street after getting off the train and the first thing that caught my attention

One of the things I’m definitely going to miss about NY are the constant ice cream sellers I encounter on the street. I remember begging my mom for one every time we went out for a walk. I love coconut flavored ice cream! The rainbow flavor isn’t that bad either. To me there’s nothing better than being able to easily buy cheap ice cream any day of the week on the streets. I will miss you! <3 © 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

I was finally able to visit the library today. Finally! I know to many it isn’t a big deal, but I haven’t been to the NYC Public Library in years. During my childhood this was the place I frequented the most. I was happy to see that some renovations were done on the floors. I wasn’t able to go to the other floors but the first floor looked bigger and yet everything was still in the same place. As usual, I took out new library cards just in case I

TimeSquare always looks beautiful in pictures but to experience it in person is a whole another story. I got off the train and raced up the stairs just to be smacked in the face with ginormous billboards. It was awesome. For someone like me who loves photography, the billboards were absolutely grand. It’s been a long time since I came here but somehow everything is still the same. There’s still too many people on the streets and too many things to see. Which is why I’m glad I brought my Nikon to take

Today we went out to buy some things in the super market and were surprised to see a street market with lots of fruits and vegetables at a very affordable price. They had cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, oranges, pares, broccoli, etc. The market was a perfect place to buy everything I needed to prepare my dad’s meals according to his diet. If my mom were in New York she would go crazy buying things at this market.   © 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

While looking for a store to buy postcards or fancy paper from, I stumbled upon Barnes & Noble on  East 86th Street and Lexington Ave. Like any book lover, I totally freaked out. I stopped my dad in his tracks, took a picture of the store and told him we had to go inside. My dad looked at me weird and just said okay. In Puerto Rico the only book store we had with a wide variety of literature from topics to genres was Borders. But as you all know Borders was closed donw. I

We went looking for a store that sold nice postcards or fancy paper for me to write to my friends. I haven’t written a letter in so many years that I wanted to make sure I did so when being in New York. My dad decided it would be best to ride the bus downtown instead of walking. I didn’t have a problem with that. In Puerto Rico I use to ride the bus everyday until my mom got a car in 2010. Of course the busses in New York

What I was looking forward to the most today was to finally visit the New York Public Library on East 96th Street. This library will always be the best part of my childhood. I remember going there a lot to read series and taking out my memory card every once in a while. Sometimes I use to take out 10 books at a time or 2 to 3 movies. Can’t say how many times I took out Lamb Chop’s Play-Along. This library is the closest to my grandma’s apartment and I use to come here very often

My dad loves to walk a lot and we did so everyday. I wanted to visit many of the places I use to frequent when I lived in New York just to see how everything had changed. So today we visited the ever so beautiful Conservatory Garden. When I was a kid I loved just to come in and see the flowers and the fountain in the middle of the garden. The garden is always frequented with people who just take a walk about the park and of course the cliché prom/wedding crowd having their

One of my favorite things about a country, or state, is the food. So I had to check out the taco stand I use to eat at all the time when I was a kid. I was eager to see if the taco lady had continued her business next to the supermarket. Here tacos were always so delicious and cheap! Definitely one of the many things I missed from New York. So I went to Fine Fare Supermarket, located on 3rd Ave (E. 105th St), and there she was. I was really happy to see