New York – #10 – Bus Ride

New York – #10 - Bus Ride

We went looking for a store that sold nice postcards or fancy paper for me to write to my friends. I haven’t written a letter in so many years that I wanted to make sure I did so when being in New York. My dad decided it would be best to ride the bus downtown instead of walking. I didn’t have a problem with that. In Puerto Rico I use to ride the bus everyday until my mom got a car in 2010. Of course the busses in New York are bigger and the fare is paid differently. I love riding in empty busses and just sitting back and listening to music. It reminds me of my early college life. I liked how they made machines to buy your bus fair before the train comes. It makes everything faster. That’s New York for you.

© 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

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