New York – #18 – Visiting the World Trade Center

New York - #18 - Visiting the World Trade Center

Today my dad decided we should go check out the World Trade Center. I was okay with the idea since I haven’t been there since the summer of 2001. So we got on a bus and decided to go. At least the ride there was comfortable, since the bus was empty, and the bus driver was very nice by telling us where we had to get off and which bus to take next. It took two bus rides to get there and a very short walk, but we managed to arrive at the World Trade Center with no problem at all.

New York - #18 - Visiting the World Trade Center

Before visiting the 9/11 Memorial, we stopped to eat at Battery Park. It was lovely. Though I really wanted to buy a pincho from the man selling food in the entrance, but paying $6.00 for something I get in my home country for $2.50 and bigger in portNew York - #18 - Visiting the World Trade Centerion, didn’t seem to be worth it. I’ll make sure to buy a taco from the lady in front of the supermarket when we get home.

After that, we walked down and immediately saw the Freedom Tower. It’s such a tall building. I had to lean back quite a bit just to take a decent picture of it. It’s cool and I really like the triangle shape it has.

We continued on and arrived at the 9/11 memorial. There were many people present that day. I know some had come to remember and honor their loved ones because there were people looking for specific names and taking pictures with them. I still New York - #18 - Visiting the World Trade Centercan’t believe how a month after we left to Puerto Rico the Twin Towers were attacked and 9/11 became one of the most terrifying and sad moments of my generation. It’s sad to see how the differences in the world can create such destruction instead of unity. Though it’s such a beautiful and kind thing they have done in creating a space for people to remember the innocent and the brave.  This space must be treated with respect and not as a tourist attraction. People have lost sensitivity as it is.

New York - #18 - Visiting the World Trade Center
After stopping at the memorial, we continued to walk around. The trees complimented the surroundings very well, and even though there were many people, it was spacious enough to walk around. We walked by the museum but didn’t have time to go in. I guess that’s just something else I’ll need to add to my bucket list. Well, when I write one.

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