New York – #2 – Mexican Food

New York - #2 - Mexican Food
One of my favorite things about a country, or state, is the food. So I had to check out the taco stand I use to eat at all the time when I was a kid. I was eager to see if the taco lady had continued her business next to the supermarket. Here tacos were always so delicious and cheap! Definitely one of the many things I missed from New York. So I went to Fine Fare Supermarket, located on 3rd Ave (E. 105th St), and there she was. I was really happy to see that her business had grown and that she had a much bigger truck. My dad introduced me to her and she remembered me surprisingly. I was in 5th grade back then and now that I’m 23, its great that somehow she recognized me. She asked me how my siblings and I were, and I told her we were fine and that I was glad to see her again. Her tacos are ever more delicious than I remember. If you come to New York please try some Mexican food if you can. Better yet, try all the different types of dishes from all the various cultures that are present in the city.


© 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

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