New York – #21 – Korea Town

Before leaving New York, I swore to go to Korea Town and visit the store in which Kpop merchandise could be purchased. I looked for the store’s location online and decided to go there today with my dad. We got on a train and in less than 20 minutes were in Korea Town. The store I was looking for is called Koryo Books and it’s merchandise range from Kpop to Korean literature. I walked down the street after getting off the train and the first thing that caught my attention was this big cutout sticker of Kim Soo Hyun on the door of Koryo Books. Wow! I had to  take a picture of it, and I did.

There’s a variety of Kpop merchandise for Kpopers and drama lovers but they were a bit expensive for me. So I just brought two editions of Bromide magazine which would definitely serve as motivation to learning hangul. Maybe I can get something, like a cd or dvd, next time. If you want to know more about my time in the store, you can check out the blog post about my visit to Koryo Books.

© 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

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