New York – #3 – Conservatory Garden

New York - #3 - Conservatory Garden

New York - #3 - Conservatory Garden

My dad loves to walk a lot and we did so everyday. I wanted to visit many of the places I use to frequent when I lived in New York just to see how everything had changed. So today we visited the ever so beautiful Conservatory Garden.

When I was a kid I loved just to come in and see the flowers and the fountain in the middle of the garden. The garden is always frequented with people who just take a walk about the park and of course the cliché prom/wedding crowd having their pictures taken. The garden is still very big and beautiful. If you love photography, I highly recommend you take some pictures their. I love the different tones of green on the leaves and trees and the stone walkthrough. Just in case you want to visit the garden, it’s main entrance, the Vanderbilt Gate, is located on Fifth Avenue between 104th and 105th Streets. Be sure to visit it if you have the chance to travel to New York.New York - #3 - Conservatory Garden

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