New York – #6 – The MetroCard

New York - #6 - The MetroCard

We decided to stop by the train station on our way to the Conservatory Garden to buy a MetroCard. It’s good to have one just in case we decide to go somewhere farther than Central Park. It’s been years since I brought a MetroCard let alone rode the train in NYC. In Puerto Rico there’s a card for ridding the train as well but it has a different design and name. The subway system in PR is called El Tren Urbano. It doesn’t go all over the country, but I hope one day it will. I use to ride the train when I studied in the Metropolitan Area (Rio Piedras), but after my third year in college I had no need for trains. I miss it though.


© 2016 Kirstie E. Morales Alvarez

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