New York – #7 – TimeSquare

Note 3 New York – #7 – TimeSquare

Note 3 New York – #7 – TimeSquareTimeSquare always looks beautiful in pictures but to experience it in person is a whole another story. I got off the train and raced up the stairs just to be smacked in the face with ginormous billboards. It was awesome. For someone like me who loves photography, the billboards were absolutely grand. It’s been a long time since I came here but somehow everything is still the same. There’s still too many people on the streets and too many things to see. Which is why I’m glad I brought my Nikon to take pictures. Having my Note 3 on me was handy as well because I wanted to avoid people bumping into my Nikon.

I walked with my dad quite a bit and saw many stores. The H&M building was fabulous. I loved how the billboard showcased the store’s commercials. I wanted to go inside ToysR’us but sadly had no time to. I really wish I could have at least gone to a musical performance. Why do I say that? One because I love musicals and two because I saw a giant billboard of The Lion King while exploring TimeSquare. I really want to see a live musical performance and what better musical than The Lion King. My expectations grew immensely when I saw the video of the cast singing on a plane. It was great!

Note 3 New York – #7 – TimeSquare

I wasn’t able to see TimeSquare entirely but I had a great time just walking around with my dad.

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